Our Mission

Mission 1: Make you happy

We know our donors each have a unique situation. We pride ourselves on patiently listening to your needs and coming up with an individualized solution that can best help you accomplish your goals.

Whether you are trying to minimize estate taxes, reduce your income tax liability, or move into a more peaceful retirement, we can help you accomplish your goals.


Mission 2: Change the world

We have strategic partnerships with cutting edge nonprofits who are accomplishing sustainable change with those in need. The proceeds of the sale of these properties are leveraged to maximize the impact on ending poverty, neglect, and injustice.  All donations are 100% tax deductible.


Projects we are excited about:

  1.  Cincinnati Works is one of the premier non-profits helping people to get off of the welfare system.  
  2.  Family and Child Abuse Prevention Center is an award-winning center helping families through some of their darkest hours.
  3.  Women Who Code helps women to excel in tech careers and is 180,000 women strong.
  4.  The Coalition of Geriatric Nursing Organizations’ (CGNO), represents over 28,700 nurses to promote higher-quality health care for older adults. 
  5.  Thanks, USA provides need-based scholarships for the children and spouses of US military personnel.

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