Mission 1: Being the easiest to deal with on the internet and helping you get the very best possible tax deduction at no cost to you in a one to two week process normally.

We know our donors each have a unique situation. We pride ourselves on patiently listening to your needs and coming up with an individualized solution that can best help you accomplish your goals. We take care to guide the tax deduction and appraisal process for you and will personally help you every step of the way. We are the easiest to use on the internet! You will receive excellent customer service and even get our personal cell phone number.


Mission 2: Empowering the poorest of the poor through small business and farm start up capital

Thank you for your heroic generosity which is helping with a  2021 fall focus in to help Afghani refugee women get started in sewing businesses. Check out what you are helping with so far in the video as well as other sample projects on our Youtube channel please.

The average American spends $1500 on coffee per year. For your heroic and often life-saving donation of only $24 per month a family can have their own sewing machine or small business such as selling flip-flops or soup, thus keeping their children in school and preventing  medical and psychological traumas such as the horrors of forced marriage and child prostitution. The profits then allow each family to find someone even poorer in their community such as a disabled child and buy them a wheel-chair or medicine.

Donate real estate - we are here to help.