Expert advice

With years of experience, our team can expertly guide you through the various issues surrounding donating real estate of all kinds including: commercial, rental, residential, industrial, and vacant land. When the steps required by the IRS are followed, you will obtain the maximum deduction.

Responsive service

Besides knowing the ins and outs of real estate donation, we respond quickly and are able to efficiently guide you through the process. We know your time is valuable and will get you the answers, documents, and tax relief as fast as possible.

Maximum Deduction

The IRS allows a donor to a valid 501(c)3 to deduct the value of the property from your tax return for the period during which you made the donation. We pride ourselves on helping you to maximize this deduction if that is an important part of your donation.

Future Assistance

To make sure that you are satisfied, we are always available for questions, whether it is five weeks or five years after your donation.


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