Donation Process

From your first call to Real Estate to Charity, you will be assigned a client specialist who will guide you through the entire process.

  1. Phone consultation:  The first step is generally to have a phone consultation to determine if the property donation is a good fit for the charity and for the donor. We always get the calls after people call the larger organizations and we are by far the easiest to deal with on the internet. We simply the paperwork and pay all the cost and we take any property no matter the cost or the condition because we help the poorest kids in the world. 
  2. Document Preparation:   Once it appears to be a good fit for the charity and the donor, an appraisal will be ordered if the expected value is over $5,000.  Also at this point, deed preparation will also proceed.
  3.  Execution:   Upon the appraisal being completed, the deed and closing materials will be emailed to you.  Once you sign the deed in front of a bank notary and mail it back to our legal team, liability and ownership transfers to the charity.
  4. Receipt for donation:  At that point, we can send you the tax write-off documentation if needed.  We will also record the deed.

If you just want the deed prepared, the process can be accomplished in under a week.  We do cover the cost of the entire donation so that it is a “no-out of pocket expenses” experience.

Please fill out our contact form or for the most immediate results call 1-800-631-5458.


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