Donation Process

From your first call to Real Estate to Charity, you will be assigned a client specialist who will guide you through the entire process.

  1. Phone consultation:  The first step is generally to have a phone consultation to determine if the property donation is a good fit for the charity and for the donor.
  2. Document Preparation:   Once it appears to be a good fit for the charity and the donor, an appraisal will be ordered if the expected value is over $5,000.  Also at this point, deed preparation will also proceed.
  3.  Execution:   Upon the appraisal being completed, the deed and closing materials will be emailed to you.  Once you sign the deed in front of a bank notary and mail it back to our legal team, liability and ownership transfers to the charity.
  4. Receipt for donation:  At that point, we can send you the tax write-off documentation if needed.  We will also record the deed.

If you just want the deed prepared, the process can be accomplished in under a week.  We do cover the cost of the entire donation so that it is a “no-out of pocket expenses” experience.

Please fill out our contact form or for the most immediate results call 1-800-631-5458.


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