Welcome to Real Estate to Charity


For almost 10 years, our real estate donation program has produced life-changing results needy individuals.

 We pride ourselves on being the most creative and agile real estate donation nonprofit.

Call our toll free number to learn more 1-800-631-5458

Federal Tax Deductions

Your donation to our 501(c)3 organization will get you the best tax deduction. We have specialized for many years in real estate donations.


No money out of your pocket, ever.

Spread Love and Joy

Property donations are an excellent method of helping those who need it most and allowing them to live a happier life.

Quick and Simple

Our in-house legal staff will handle everything including the tax deduction paperwork and appraisal process.

Meet Philanthropic Goals

Reaching your individual or corporate giving goals has never been easier.

Solve a Headache Quickly

Unwanted real estate assets can be a harmful and stressful hit to your bottom line. Let us provide a fast solution to this pain.

Property donations help for generations.

Real Estate to Charity is determined to do the most good.  We do not just aim for band-aid solutions.  We value fixing the most underlying problems.  These solutions are passed down and built upon generation to generation.

We work on women and children’s abuse prevention, helping people permanently leave welfare through soft-skills training, job placement, plus ongoing mentoring, helping women in tech careers, providing scholarships to the children of American veterans, and more. 

Why Choose Real Estate to Charity?

Donate real estate - we are here to help.